Welcome to the Stepfamily Help Page! This page has been around since 2002 and the purpose is to provide resources for stepfamilies to be successful. We have recently moved because yahoo is not hosting free websites anymore and this is free website to offer help for stepfamilies, we have no funding available to pay for a website or domain name.

You will find many helps for your journey as a stepfamily here. We offer a monthly newsletter and articles written just for the Stepfamily Help Page. You will also find a lot of useful links to other websites that help stepfamilies including message boards and a great many resources for PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome). We also have helps for other issues that stepfamilies sometimes face: pre-marriage help, etc.

Here at the Stepfamily Help Page you will find original articles and other resources valuable for stepfamilies including links and more. You will find that most of the resources are for stepparents, and stepmoms in particular, but the page should be a valuable resource for all in the stepfamily and will be a large help for those trying to understand their spouse or friend who is stepparent.

If you are a CSM (childless stepmom - you had no children when you became a stepmom) then you will want to join Childless Stepmoms Chat because you will find a wonderful community of women who will support and understand you! It may be the first time you have felt that!A wonderful resource is the book Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin, PhD. Anyone who is a stepmom should read this book - as well as anyone who is considering becoming a stepmom or anyone who is married to a stepmom! Click here to order your copy!

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